Container with FORM HTML Tag

I have a date BS4 input control setup with inputType = date. I’ve noticed if the user inputs an invalid date, like 02-31-2020, that the value property is blank. But I’d like to differentiate between a true blank value and a bad date specification (for example, scroll the month to 02 from 03/31/2020. It displays as an acceptable date, but it’s not. I’d like to flag it as such. In my scenario I will assume a blank input (truly blank) is today.

I’ve noticed if I have the input control within a normal AppStudio common controls container with tag DIV, if I hover over a bad date input, I get a pop up telling me so. The way one would access this “bad date property” is to use checkValidity() function. But it’s not created by the browser unless the input control is within a FORM tag.

So, is there any reason I can’t encapsule the input control within a AppStudio common controls container with htmltag = FORM? Anything I should look out for when doing this?