Copy a form to the same projetct or an other project



First sorry for my english, I started using nsb 4.0 and stop, now I bought the version 6 and many issues are diferents,
Then I am restarting on nsb, and the simple things are difficult for while.

I need to copy some form to the same project, for example I open de datagrid sample, it has only one form, the form1,
How Can I copy it for the same project ?
I Include the new form and select all from the form1 and ctrl V on new form, but it be diferent.

To the other project, I went on nsb menu and copy from an existent form, but it came diferent too.




To copy a form, select the form in the Project Explorer, then do Export Current Form/Code from the File menu. It will create a .frm file with the data from the form.

To paste form into your project, use Add Existing Form in the Project menu. Locate the .frm file and select it.