Copy/Paste vs Cut/Paste Controls in IDE

The Copy and Paste of controls in the IDE creates new controls with the same name as the original controls, but with “copy” added to the end of the ID. This is very expected.

The Cut and Paste of controls in the IDE deletes the old controls first. And then when you paste the controls into the new location, one would expect it to use the original names, as they are now available. But it doesn’t, the Paste always adds the “copy” to the ID name.

This is particularly burdensome when you have a container with 50 or more controls in it and you discover you need to place another new container directly above the existing container. The final paste of the controls in the original container into the new container forces the developer to manually rename all of the controls to not end in “copy”.

Good point! We’ll see if there is any reason this can’t be done.

Interestingly enough, it seems that if you cut one control and then paste it, the ID does NOT change.

Fixed in 8.0.4.