Cordova-File-Transfer No longer works

It seems the New Andoid (after 11.0) has an issue with this plugin. ft=new(FileTransfer) errors out and I cannot perform any transfer tasks. I am using the latest version of this Plugin. Any ideas out there? Is there a better place to post these questions?

I don’t think this plugin is needed anymore, given the Fetch API. The maintainer of the plugin thinks the same: cordova-file-transfer - npm

Are you able to migrate to using Fetch?

Can ypu give me direction to where I can find the Fetch API documentation usefule with VBscript and AppStudio?

From VBScript, your best option may be the Ajax function: Ajax - NSB App Studio

Can you tell me what you’re trying to do?

Here’s a reference for using Fetch in JavaScript: Using the Fetch API - Web APIs | MDN

Can the File transfer still work if I use a lower version? Or do I need to scrub what I have and start over with the Fetch API?

You could try using an older Android engine, but if you want to distribute using the Google Play store, you’ll need to use the latest engine/API.