So I had a test app working nicely with this a few years ago…but now it seems I cannot get the camera preview in the background.
Simply put, setting the form, project etc to background color transparent (or rgba() to zero opacity) isn’t working.
I’ve tried a few things in the CSS and HTML sections…but I’m no expert in that side of things.
Anyone has any suggestions as to why it no longer works…or what i could add to the project to make it work?

I can tell you why this is happening - but I’m not familiar enough with that plugin to suggest the solution.

There have been a lot of updates to both Android and iOS over the past year. These have required changes to the plugins and how apps are built. It’s not surprising that an app from a few years ago would need updates.

For now I have a workaround.
I use the TakeSnaphot method to produce Base64 image data every 100 milliseconds ( on a set interval call) and use it to populate a picturebox ( which is overlaid by another semitransparent Image)
This works, albeit the ‘tap to focus’ won’t work…I think…