Just wondering if anyone else is considering or has considered using the above plugin to get around the latest CORS issues related to Chrome83 + on Android?

By setting up the device as a webserver, supposedly it will be possible to access local device files using http: rather than file: and thus work around the CORS block.
Obviously if anyone else has any suggestions as to how to get around it, i would be very grateful.

Not sure if this is going to help either as it seems any call to http:// is now also being blocked.
Can anyone suggest how to reference file:// or http:// on Android devices since Chrome83 ?
(currently Chrome85 is on my phone.)
I’m not sure if this is a CSP configuration issue that can be resolved or if it’s a massive game changer?
Perhaps the new Chrome regime only allows access to files within the application sandbox (is that the right term?) and access to https:// locations online?

OK. great news ! (at least for me! :slight_smile: )
I’ve resolved the issues by adding in:-

<preference name="AndroidExtraFilesystems" value="files,files-external,documents,sdcard,cache,cache-external,assets,root" />

to the config.xml

On previous versions of PGB and / or Chrome, that wasn’t required. But I’ve just tested and I’m back in action!

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