With one of my apps, i use the diagnostic plugin.
I only use it occasionally for the restart function - cold restart - to make sure everything is running smoothly as the app runs 24/7 on a tablet running Android. I’ve noticed at times that the app fails to reopen during a cold restart if Android has updates etc. The app then needs to be manually reopened.

With regards to the app itself, what happens to the app if i use a warm restart instead (the doc says that the main Cordova activity is immediately restarted, causing the Webview instance to be recreated)?

What would be the difference between cold and warm restart in our case? Is there any benefit to cold restart? If i do warm restart, then the app does not leave the screen like for cold restart.


This isn’t really a VoltBuilder question. You might try asking the developers of Cordova.plugins.diagnostic how their plugin works.

From what i understand, a warm restart is similar to a location.reload except the splash screen doesn’t show for location.reload (just a white screen).
The next issue i’ve found is that a warm restart using the diagnostic plugin clashes with the background plugin i also use. With the background plugin included in config.xml, the app closes and won’t restart if i try a warm restart. With the background plugin removed, the app restarts and everything works fine.
I guess there is no way to solve these plugin issues?


It’s not something we can solve. You might want to contact the authors of these plugins.