Cordova Zebra Printer Plugin

I started getting this error on an app that previously worked.
Any idea what would cause it?
I am using a Cordova Zebra Printer plugin…

How are you running the app?

I get the same error if I deploy to desktop or if i deploy to Volt then try it on my phone.

@David, yes, that is what will happen. PhoneGap apps use a library: if that is not loaded, you’ll get this error message.

If you start the app by deploying to the desktop or Volt, the library is not loaded.

Interesting, Volt is the only thing I have done in the past and it worked.
Is the answer to use one of the other options in the drop down menu -
Make Native app with Phone Gap, Deploy to Local folder or Deploy to SFTP/FTP Server?

You would need to deploy using Make Native App with Phone Gap and ensure the plugin was included.

Optionally, Zebra also has a set of references for its ZPL library. It’s possible using middleware to directly send RAW commands to the printer and have it execute from a server. That would negate you from having to compile using Phone Gap or using any plugin.

I’ve produced apps for supply chain / warehousing and have been able to get it to work. It wasn’t easy and required very specific settings but it was worth the effort.

These options all do very different things - they are not interchangeable.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try and report back.

Making forward progress.
I used Phone Gap Clicked install, blocked by phone by Play Protect, clicked ‘install anyway’ but still no install happened.