CORS errors when using AJax

I’m getting this error when I call an Ajax function to a PHP to insert records or retrieve data, though occasionally sometimes the data will get through:

has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

I’ve read up a bit about it, and it was working fine more or less on a free server which was automatically protected under SSL. I’ve since purchased a dedicated domain without SSL and now I’m hitting this error again. Would adding SSL fix this? or is this something the hosting company can only answer?

I do actually have a SSL directory in my root folder of my website - I’m not really up too much with this, should the PHP scripts be accessed from there maybe?

I originally got around the problem on the free site by adding the following header to my PHP files, but that’s not working in this instance:

header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');

One final note, it was working without problems on an actual Android device - just not in Chrome - is CORS only relevant to browsers, or am I likely to hit problems once I try to roll the app out to iOS and phones with newer versions of Android?

I am no expert on configuring servers and CORS policies, but you’ll need to worry about this on your PhoneGapped app. The ContentSecurityPolicy (in Project Properties) needs to be correct.

Ok, thanks.

I’ve only just had a chance to run my app on my phone in debug mode on Chrome - The only error I’m getting is:

Could not find cordova.js script tag. Plugin loading may fail.

Which I’m guessing is the reason for the data not getting inserted into my database.

That message is OK. It looks for phonegap.js and cordova.js, which do the same thing. You’ll need to put some tracing in (use console.log) to see what is happening.