Create icon for android and ios

I tried the page and it doesn’t work. Is there a page to replace it?


AppStudio 8 (coming real soon now) replaces the old mess of icons and splash screens with a much easier way of doing this. If you’re in a hurry, send me a PM.

I am not so hurry…but, Have yo the estimated date for the new versión? And how much it cost?


Just waiting to hear back from the beta testers. Once they are happy, we can release.

If you have a subscription to AppStudio, the upgrade is included.

Ihope that I am not subscripted, I only had buyed the soft oportunely.
I live in Argentina and the conversion to dollar is expensive, so that I am interested to know the cost in order to take the corresponding forecasts.


Please wait a few days - there will be an official announcement.