Create ios app to search or scan a file

how can I create an ios app to display a dialog box to scan or search a file. prefer scan over search if possible ?

The app is relatively easy… what is the source of the file?

We are using an ipad in our packaging dept to access pdf files on our network. we would like to have them scan to pull up file in the network drive that, that dept uses. I could use search if 1d barcode scanning is not available. but I need the search field to point to the drive and folder where they need to access. If that helps.

scan pdfs to network directory. we need an app to do this on ios

Web apps are not given the ability to look at any file on a device. You can imagine the possible security headaches if this was allowed. If the files are installed with the app, it is OK.

If you’re using PhoneGap, you can look at files outside your own app, using the File plugin:

not a web app. A app to search or scan a barcode to identify a file on internal network

You should be able to do this with the PhoneGap plugin I indicated. There is also a bar code reading plugin.

We are using handheld Motorola scanners for out barcode readers. We are trying to use these, not the ipad to scan codes. Is the barcode scanner plugin meant for the ipad to scan ?

The barcode scanner plugin uses the device’s camera.

The Motorola probably has a better way of scanning.

Yes, we use the Motorola scanners with the pc. We are trying to change our packaging dept. to use the ipads with the scanners to work with our network drive. We got a ios app that connects to our network. The next step is to try can get a app that enters or pulls up a pdf file. Either by search box or scanning a barcode on the file.

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