Creating desktop app


I’m currently using the latest AppStudio version and running on Windows.
I followed the wiki on how to create a desktop app. It seems to follow through and it says ‘Installer successfully created. It is electron/dist/ElectronWeather-1.0.0.exe’.
No exe file gets created. I deleted the electron folder and ran it, and it’s still not created.

Is the sample outdated? Or is something else missing?


I’m seeing some odd results here, too.

There are a number external dependancies in the build chain for this. Give us a chance to review these and see what the issue could be. I have opened an issue.

Ok, no worries, thanks.

The problem seems to be with the ElectronWeather sample.

Can you try creating a new project with just a button and see if that builds?

I created a new project with a single button, and the result is the same.

  1. Did you try it a second time? Did it work then?

  2. Does Run Desktop App using Electron work?

I tried a number of times, and it didn’t work.
If i run Run Desktop App using Electron, several black windows pop up and then disappear. There are no messages.
If i run Make Desktop App for Distribution using Electron, several black windows pop up and then disappear, and a message box shows saying that the installer was successfully created in the project folder, but nothing is there.


Thank you. So far, I have no luck reproducing your results.

We’re working on a new build of AppStudio with more error logging right now. That should give us more information.