CRITICAL - VoltBuilder not update provision file and problem upload apple store

Hi George

Now i have two problems.
After upload Apple store a new version first time, this bin was rejected.
I did the changes apple required, tested in my iphone and upload again (second time), changing the CFBundleShortVersionString number.
Uploads goes ok, but the changes i was did was not there, i the app was rejected again.
I saw that they tested in ipad, so, i added an new device in my developer provision file, download it and rebuild in VoltBuilder.
What was my surprise… I can´t install in a new device… i tested in my iphone and install ok. I conclused that VoldBuilder (after upload first time), .ipa not compiles ok and provision files was in ‘cache’ some way.
Now i am stoped to publish my app cause i can not test in an ipad and i am not sure to upload 3th time to apple store…

No, VoltBuilder does not do any caching.

I’m pretty sure the problem is at your end. Check and double check each step - when I get something like this, it’s always because I forgot something.