CryptoJS library

How can I use the CryptoJS library in my Appstudio project? Here is the line of code I want to use:

password = inptUserPass.value
passwordHash = CryptoJS.SHA256(password).toString().


Is it available for vanilla JS?

Are you referring to this library?

The ReadMe for that reads:

" Active development of CryptoJS has been discontinued. This library is no longer maintained.

Nowadays, NodeJS and modern browsers have a native Crypto module. The latest version of CryptoJS already uses the native Crypto module for random number generation, since Math.random() is not crypto-safe. Further development of CryptoJS would result in it only being a wrapper of native Crypto. Therefore, development and maintenance has been discontinued, it is time to go for the native crypto module."

I was referring to that - but we are not doing Node.js. We are just doing client-side encryption just for the experience of playing with it.

Here is a good tutorial on this - them put the library in the Project Extra Headers property.

Here’s the documentation on the built in crypto: