CSS Class for BS4 Media Image


I’m using the BS4 media in my project. As it is stated in Bootstrap docs the image inside the Media Object can be aligned to top, center or bottom and this is controlled via built-in Bootstrap CSS classes (class=“align-self-start mr-3”, class=“align-self-center mr-3”, class=“align-self-end mr-3”) However, I couldn’t find a place to apply one of these classes to the image of BS4 Media object. There is a “class” area for the media object but I couldn’t see a class area for the image of the media object. Or are there any other ways to apply these classes. Thanks in advance for the help.

The class property of the BS4 Media control names the class which applies to the whole control: image, text, etc.

If you want to have a class which applies only to the image, you’ll need to set up a css rule in Project CSS (under the Project menu) that looks something like this:

#Media1 img {_whatever styling you want_}

Thank you very much, it works perfect :pray::muscle: