CSS Grid and IDE Rendering - Windows

I’ve noticed with the CSS Grid and Grid Items, that the IDE in Windows doesn’t match what is rendered when run. I know I saw a note about this issue being associated with IE on Windows. (surprise surprise).

Is it just these two controls, or are their other controls with IDE rendering issues on Windows?

Other than changing to MAC, is there a way to resolve the rendering issues? Will the new Windows edge browser technology solve this problem for AS?

It’s an issue we are looking at on an ongoing basis. We need an embeddable browser to show the Design Screen within AppStudio. On MacOS, there’s Safari. On Windows, we have to use IE11.

I had the same issues with a windows visual studio program where we were scraping the DOM for data and robotically controlling web site input. With the new edge browser, which appears to be more compliant, might do the trick. But it’s not embedable at this point, as far as I know.