CSS3121: Die Medienabfrage -ms-viewport ist veraltet. media query ... deprecated

CSS3121: Die Medienabfrage -ms-viewport ist veraltet ,. i.e. media query -ms-viewport  is deprecated.

Running my newest app I noticed that Chrome debugger says: CSS3121: Die Medienabfrage -ms-viewport ist veraltet. I found this query solely within bootstrap-4.0.0.css: @-ms-viewport {
width: device-width;
} . This seems to be all right and correct. Or is there something else to worry about?

What version of AppStudio are you using?

„Die neueste Version ist Kein Update erforderlich“

The reason I asked about the version is that the latest AppStudio uses Bootstrap 4.2 - and this error refers to Bootstrap 4.0.0. Does this file show up under the Sources tab in the Chrome Debugger?

Attached is all I could see. Useful?

Yes, very useful. Looks there is an update for that theme. We’ll get it into the next build.

Excellent. Thanks.