Custom icon for ios - to be loaded from volt


Created a 180 x 180 graphic to serve as custom icon for an app
set it in properties for both project and exe
shows on tab at top but when deployed to volt, downloaded to ios iPhone and then saved to home screen:

  • the icon changes from the standard “app studio knot” to a screenshot of the inside of the app - not the custom icon

what am I missing?


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Chances are you are missing one of more of the icons which are required.

Have a look at this Tech Note for the complete list:


Thank you for the reply.

The information regarding icons, phonegap and the app store are helpful for that use case, but it doesn’t address the case where the app is just being sent to volt to be served from the web without using phone gap or submitting to the app store.

Are you saying icons can’t be specified just using Volt?

It would be helpful if you can clarify what icon settings are needed to show a specific icon when the app is saved to the home screen from Volt instead of being downloaded from the app store?



First, my apologies. I was too fast to move the topic to PhoneGap when I saw ‘exe’.

I just tried this here. It worked fine. I set ‘icon’ in Project Properties to a png which was 180x180.


Ok, thanks.
I’m not getting the same result

My 180x180 png seems to be ignored and is replaced with a small image of the opening screen of the app (all white with a tiny camera icon at top)

Is it related to where the icon png is stored?

I assumed the icon is copied into the project at deploy time, uploaded to Volt and then included in the download into the iphone upon viewing fom the web, and it would be used to create the save to home page button

Instead, does the icon have to be accessable from the iphone location or volt location at runtime?

Are you running yours from volt or from your system where the icon would be accessable at run time?

I think we are getting close :slight_smile:


Where is the icon stored? It should be in the same folder as your nsx file, or a subfolder.

If it has a path like c:\images\icon.png, it won’t work: iOS devices do not have a C drive.


Well I realize they don’t have a c drive but what was never made clear is what is done with a graphic in a location during the build…

Apparently it is not copied into the project, it is expected to be existing in a subfolder somewhere.

However the instructions in the comment box say “do not put the file in nsb/” (with no reason why) which I assumed included subfolders.

So I am still unclear where graphics can and should go (and not go) and why and why not.

Can you give the recommended location for the graphics with an explanation?


So is it working now?


Not quite yet working.

I don’t quite understand:

  1. where the graphic needs to be at design time vs. run time vs. deployment.
  2. any/all the property locations that need to be set for a web app (for Volt deplyment not about the store)
  3. what "don’t put the graphic in nsb/ " means or implies in the property comments
  4. exactly what subfolder to put it and how to load it (manually with file manager?)
  5. syntax for referring to the location (…/ or … or ?/) in property field
  6. where this kind of information is located in the documentation
  • Frank


Just put in the same folder as your nsx file (or a subfolder). The path is relative to the nsx file, and gets created properly if you use the […] button.

Don’t put it into AppStudio’s nsb folder. That’s reserved for system files. Anything you put there could be written over.

Have you made sure the file is 180x180?


I have had the same problem. Android installations - no problems with Icon and Splash. With the IOS device:

  1. I have created files called “icon.png” (180 x 180 px) and “splash.png” and have put them in the same folder as the nsx file.

  2. I have put them in every folder in the application thinking the path is wrong.

  3. I have called the icon image “180.png”.

  4. I have turned the .ipa file into a .zip file, opened it and looked the config there. They seem to point to entirely differently named images, etc…

Can someone give a step by step on this one to get IOS to find both the ICON and SPLASH.


I figured out the path issue for icons to show up in IOS after 3 days of tearing down the PhoneGap builds, getting paths right, etc… !!! We are cooking for gas now!


Thanks for sharing but what is the point of bragging that you found the answer without sharing what you found? :slight_smile:


Frank, I found the problem was the path. If you are using PhoneGap, you can change the .afk/ipa extension to zip, open up the file product and get into the PhoneGap build of your app. In there, check your paths where the config file says it is looking for your files. Make sure the images are all in the same location and sub folders in your app.

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