Customizing single dates in the date picker

Is there any hook I can attach to to customize the appearance of each date in the date picker?

I’m asking it because I’m using a date filed and its date picker to let the user choose which day calendar to show, and I need a way to mark on the picker which days already have appointments scheduled, and what days do not.

I used beforeShowDay in the past in bootstrap, but here in NSB it doesn’t seem to be there, what should I look for?


Are you using the Bootstrap Datepicker?

I’ve used a bootstrap date field, and the date picker came from that.

So you’re using a Bootstrap Input control, with inputType set to ‘date’?

This is not the same as bootstrap-datepicker:

bootstrap-datepicker is a separate control, developed independently from Bootstrap by a third party.

Mmm, I know that: I was asking if in the standard bootstrap input set to type Date there’s a way to hook to customize class of a specific date, as it can be done in the datepicker with beforeShowDay…

Sorry - it does not have that option. It’s just a wrapper for the dialog which is built into the browser.

The bootstrap-datepicker project exists because the built in dialog is limited.

Ok, I’ll try using the bootstrap-datepicker widget.


Contact me directly if you would like us to make a sample and a toolbox definition for you.