Dark Mode Sample

I’m not sure why, but it won’t start in desktop browser. Deploying to local folder does work and you can start it from there. The project already comes with the background to inherit, so it just turn on and off the device’s or chrome’s dark mode.

I’m not able to reproduce this. Could it be that Chrome just wasn’t brought to the front?

I think it’s Chrome getting confused at times. I’ve noticed that if I have started in desktop browser (SIDB) with project A, leaving that tab open, and then SIDB project B, that chrome sometimes doesn’t notice the request. Other times it reloads project A. Once in a while it works. Closing Chrome seems to fix the problems. Many times, Chrome doesn’t come to the front. That may be when the current tab is not from an SIDB request. Other times I’ve found I have to close the IDE and Chrome.