Datatables refresh

A page refresh (done manually in the browser) containing a datatable causes the loss of any style/order assigned in the sub called by the form onshow event or in the loadcomplete database callback (I think that the datatable gets refreshed after those events). I know that there is a datatable event that may be fired on datatable load completion (initComplete?) but I’m unable to use it. I tried the following without success


    $('#Datatable1').dataTable( {
      "initComplete": function(settings, json) {
        alert( 'DataTables has finished its initialisation.' );
    } );       

End JavaScript

Any suggestion?

Using the syntax


I was able to fire my callback sub. This syntax in not visible in App Studio (on OSX edition): NO auto completion or online help.

Good suggestion - we’ll add initComplete to the Toolbox in the next build.

DataTables has many options. We try to include the most useful ones in the ToolBox: if we put them all in, new users would be buried.