DataTables width property

I set this property to auto and in chrome it shows the style width property as 100px. I tried 100%. Still comes up 100px. Tried 100% !Important. What does work is setting the property after the datatable build(). The 100px is a narrow column, when I need at least 300px. This seems like an issue.

Start by using the Chrome Debugger Elements tab. With that, you can usually figure out what is causing the width to be set to 100px.

If it’s till not clear, the DataTables forum may be of help.

I should have checked the generated code by AppStudio before posting. I see what I entered:

#ObsDataTable { width:100%;}

But by the time it shows in chrome inspector, that property is 100px,no matter what you set the property to in AppStudio. I was concerned that AppStudio was not creating the control correctly.

Datatables has lots of wholes unfortunately - most can be worked around. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t on your side.