Debug iOS App on Windows?

How is everyone debugging iOS apps without access to a Mac?

I don’t know of a good way to do this myself - I would be interesting in hearing other solutions.

The problem is that apps run using Safari on the device. You need to use Safari on the desktop to debug it.

I did 99% of mine in Chrome. There’s actually a pretty good plugin emulator out there. Out of the box it covers the basics but you’ll find it pretty easy to extend for your own needs.

Next, you can catch most plugin based issues in Android.

Now, sometimes you just can’t debug everything in Chrome or you need to “go into the wild” (untethered). For this I wrote a little console.log hijacker.

Essentially, you add a debug div (I put mine on a separate page with a TAPHOLD event on the header). Then all of your console.log statements get posted to the div. You can flip over to debug page and see what’s going on. If the problem is during the app initialization process, this won’t catch it. If it’s when you’re initializing your plugins, make sure the div is on the home page and it will.

Hi, thank you for all your comments.

I ended up purchasing an old cheap MacbookPro and can debug from the Safari Web Inspector.

I went through this process yesterday and it works well!!