Debugtron and Electron - Building for MacOS


After building a MacOS app, using Electron, I’ve gotten surprised twice. First, for verifying how easy it was to follow AppStudio tutorial for Electron and Nodejs app building. Second, after installing Debugtron and finding so MANY app, that I really love, and figure out that they were all built using Electron too. Very impressed. Most of these app in picture are not listed in Electron’s page as having been built with Electron. Much more motivated to learn how to implement all those API. Using Electron Fiddler for that. Thanks AppStudio’s Team and George Henne for making it possible and so Nice and Simple as always.

Adrian Nicolaiev

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Thanks for the kind words!

We really had fun implementing Electron. We had no idea the final result was going to be as easy to use as it ended up.

With AppStudio 8, we were able to make it much better. Look for blog posts and updated tech notes over the next few days.

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