Deploy destination for Version 8

In Version 7’s “Run” pull down menu if I ever clicked the top item (‘Deploy’) my app would always deploy to my independent web site specified in my project’s ‘Tools/Preferences’. But after installing and and using either of them for the first time, the second item (‘Refresh Deploy’) became non-highlighted/inactive.

Accordingly, I clicked the first item (‘Deploy’) like I always had when using Version 7. The system responded by deploying my project to some server other than my independent, designated one, thereby generating many 404 and CORS policy errors.

I eventually realized what had happened and so deployed via the seventh item (‘Deploy to FTP/FSTP Server’) and this fixed up everything as well as making the second item (‘Refresh Deploy’) active and subsequently working perfectly.

However, even now whenever I click on the first item (‘Deploy’) my project deploys to the mystery destination and all of the errors return.

*** I suggest, therefore, that the first item in the menu should be changed from simply ‘Deploy’ to something that indicates where deployment will be to.

That’s a good suggestion. We’ll see if it can be done.

Right now, the “Deploy” goes to whatever is specified in the Deploy dropdown at the top of AppStudio.