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After Version 6.x.x all ours old projects (5.x) takes 3 a 6 minutes to compile and open in google chrome, it was taking less a minute in version 5.
Is that any thing to setup in the properties to take it better?
Make a new project and export forms? It is a lot, 30, 40 forms…

tks help



The first time it compiles, it can take longer since it has to translate the BASIC to JavaScript. After that, it should be much quicker since it only has to translate modules with changes.

There isn’t anything which changed from AppStudio 5 to AppStudio 6 which would affect the speed.



It is too much strange… Do you want a video in real time to see it? Do want to see the code, just changing 1 line takes long time to compile…


Do you have all your code in one big module?

If so, you can speed things up geometrically by breaking it into smaller code modules.


I found the problem. Many of my Code files was pointing src property to an inexistent path, i don know why… In some Appstudios versions (4) we make code file into the projetcts, in other versions we just drop and down into project, i belive some trash stay through the upgrades.
I removed the invalid path. In the most of cases just works fine, but in others, i was forced to create a new code file and copy and paste the code, then works fine.

By the way, F7 is not updating .js files attached into the project.




The comment on the F7 issue is unrelated to the title’s subject. It should have its own topic.

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