Deploy on own server: archive folder will be deleted

I deploy my app on my own server. There I have an additional folder called “archive” - but this folder will be deleted with every deployment. How can I prevent this?

I keep folders I want to stick around at the same level as the app folder. That solves having it deleted on a full deploy.


But I need access to this folder from a function of the app via php scripts. Is this allowed for a folder on same level as the app?

I keep my php scripts in a separate folder then the app folder. And another folder contains data files used by the app that are not not put into the manifest.


You can access other directories. I have my php files in the app directory and the url of the target file I send the php file includes the other directory name.

Eg Instead of just


it is


Doesn’t work form me. Perhaps there is a security problem writing to folders that are above my app folder?

Why did this behavior of deploying in appstudio change? It worked well for me in version 6.

This is the code that worked earlier:



$cdir = scandir(getcwd());



Does not work

On my server it would need to be just 2 full stops (periods if you’re American)

Another possibility is to put your ‘archive’ folder in your project, so it deploys with it.

That is funny, I tried it with . . / and I also wrote the same . . / but at it will be shown as . . . / (with three dots)

That is what worked with the old appstudio version. But now the content of the archive folder will deleted if I deploy the new version of my app. the folder will be deleted too.

Is there no way to create a folder on the server under the app where files can be stored and will not be deleted from deployment?

You can deploy to local folder and use ftp transfer software to copy to the server. FileZilla is free and simple drag and drop to upload your files without deleting your archive.

this is as simple as it is awesome. Thank you very much.