Deploy to Local Folder Issues

When selecting this menu item, it asks if you want to deploy to FTP/SFTP. It does perform the deploy to local folder.

Thanks - we’ll fix the wording.

Fixed in

Yes, this was fixed in, but I’m not sure that the new wording is helpful. Prior to, if you selected ftp deploy, you got a confirmation message asking if ftp deploy was what you wanted. And if you selected local folder, you got a confirmation message asking if local folder deploy was what you wanted.

With, both confirmation messages as identical and don’t mention the deploy method. So if you fat finger the ftp instead of local and don’t notice the address in the final I’m done message, you’ll go crazy wondering why your deploy doesn’t have the latest changes.

The messages should be different to make them useful confirmation messages.

We’ll see what we can do.

We’ve improved the confirmation messages on deploy a bit more. Should be good now.

Looks good. Thanks. :star_struck: