Deploying to volt server

Earlier when I deployed, I would receive a response showing 2 links, one with the URL to the app and the other to manage that app in the dashboard. Now each time I deploy I am instructed to enter my credentials again. When I go to the preferences they are already there. What has changed and why? Am I going to have to do that each time? Also here is an image that appears after my app is opened and pops up during the session. Very unprofessional, huh?

What’s the URL to your app?

When did you last deploy this? If it’s before when you registered your copy, it still thinks it’s a demo. Try deploying it again.

(BTW, if you click on the screen, the message goes away)

Thank you very much. Yours is the first reply I have had on this discussion board. I have re-deployed and it actually gave me the results it used to.,the 2 links to the app and dashboard. However, the name was different…qceval2 vs evala. I tried another app and it seemed to work also. Maybe the computer gremlins are tired of annoying me. One other thing…my pc’s monitor is a larger one and cuts off the voltserver tab under preferences so I can’t enter email and password when told to after deploying. I can get to the dashboard by selecting sign in/sign up. How can I be sure the app is on the server after deploying from my PC? Thanks again for your response.

After you deploy to the server, does the app have the changes you made?