Deploymentas a Web Site

Anyway to run your project deployment from my own server… as a webpage. I tried using the Preferences options run from server…pporject files are created in my server, but when I try to run it using something like: http://mysite/foderwherefilesare/index.html…it does not work.

Any ideas?

That’s how I do it:
a) Deploy to Local Folder (where I can test the index.html)
b) Make a copy from the local folder to my web site (subdomain) via FTP

You should be able to deploy to your server using just AppStudio. Make sure you have the correct settings in Preferences: Deploy:

I went ahead and followed the example above and changed my preferences as indicated. (See attached image: preference)

When I ran Deploy it created the folder in my public_html/webpage and all the correct files appear (see attached image: files)

When I type in my browser the address, below to the index.html I get file no found in server (see attatched image: notfound

When I run the file in the local folder the index.html runs correctly.

That depends on the configuration of your server. You’ll have to find out where it serves http pages from.

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