Depricated Control (Button)


I am trying to do some incremental upgrades on a project. Current code is in When I open this in I get the error "The project uses a deprecated control (Button). Please replace it in the previous version of AppStudio then try again

Same error for (Text)

The button ids the jQuery Module Button.

Is there an incremental upgrade I should save the project in first?


AppStudio 5 deprecated the jQuery Mobile 1.3 and iWebKit controls. They were no longer supported by their developers.

First thing to do is make sure you’re not using any of those old controls.


Thank you, I believe I am, I can see in the deploy folder
So When I look at the toolbar tools in a 5.2 there are still controls (button etc) under Jquery mobile but I can see that they do not deploy the, however they look like the exact same controls.

I’m not sure exactly how to switch these out in 5.0 version first to not use the mobile 1.3 version


Does opening the project in Version 4 help?



The project opens and runs fine in 5.0. It just gave me this error when jumping from 5.0 to 5.2
When I look at the project, how do I determine which version of JQueryMobile the project uses?

Do I just replace the 1.3 .JS files with 1.4.5 versions?

Thanks for your support, I appreciate y’all having this forum for us to use!


I opened the file in the deploy folder and the version looks like 1.4.5 , which I believe is the latest


I agree - something looks odd here. Could you zip up your project folder and send it to me so I can try it here?

#8 (1.2 MB)



I loaded your app in 4.2.9. There are a bunch of iWebKit controls.

I would install 4.2.9, load the project and replace the controls with their jQM equivalents. You should then be able to load in AppStudio 5 or 6.


Would it be possible for you to post the link again for 4.2.9 download again? I have another app with this issue and I no longer have that download thanks!


DropBox changed all the links on the weekend. Here are the new ones:



Thanks, I was able to upgrade as you recommended!
There was one feature in the old buttons that does not appear to exist anymore. The JQM buttons allowed multi line text (word wrap). I cannot seem to find a way to create multi line text, even if I insert a carriage return. Do you have any creative work around?

Appreciate all the help you have given us!


It’s HTML, so you can do this: