Design specific Screen size (Not working in Percentages)

Hi, would I be able to use the app studio option for the Nexus 7 (1280x800) screen size to be able to design an app for this particular tablet model ? (with no issues :smiley:)

Lenovo Tab M10 (HD) 10.1" HD (1280x800) IPS 300nits


Yes, if the screen size is the same, the app should look the same.

Ideally, you would use Responsive techniques so the screen size does not matter.

Thanks, I usually work in percentages (Full Screen) but I have only ever built calculator based apps. I ended up writing my own key Pad (basically numbers only) as I found that the Android key pad literally squashed everything to the top of the screen when launched. The main reason for the original question was because I didn’t want to write for another key pad that included letters as well as numbers and by being design specific (working in pixels) I could rely on the Android keypad.