Developer / buyer / voltserver subscription

It is my understanding that apps deployed to the voltserver are available to anyone with the URL so long as a valid voltserver subscription is in effect, but for only an hour if there is no subscription. That being the case, if a developer sold an app to several users and then later canceled the subscription, the app would be removed from the server and the users would be left wondering what happened to their app. Doesn’t seem fair does it? How do those of you who sell their apps handle that eventuality and still be fair to the buyer? I was told that the $199 one time fee for the essential plan does not mean access to the server was perpetual, so that leaves the monthly charge as the alternative with the possibility as mentioned. I would sincerely like to hear from any of you with suggestions on ways to deal with this, keeping fairness to the purchaser in mind when cost of keeping the subscription valid is a consideration for the developer. Someone recommended re-deploying the app every hour for certain hours of the day and letting the buyers know when. What a plan!

An app which users load from Volt Server is just like any other web page. If the website is gone, the page will no longer load.

Try making your app into a PWA. When the user saves it as a local app, all the files the app needs will be copied to the user’s system.

Thank you, thank you for the very comprehensive reply. I have not read all of the information contained in the embedded links but I plan to. I suppose the short answer would be to make sure the “make pwa” is set to true and to advise users to add the app to their home screen. I noticed a long time ago that when added to the home screen the “hour only” was negated. I will need to find an ios device to check out adding to home screen on it. Mine are android. Anyway you have given me hope so thank you again.

Note: I have found on our Android server that a full deploy (F6 on PC) works as expected offline for PWA apps. However, if a redeploy (F7) is used, then the app will not work offline until a full deploy is executed gain.


Thank you, John, that is really useful information.