Development for Multiple Screen Sizes

What are the current best-practices relating to app development for the wide range of screen sizes that exist today?


I get the screensize and put the other elements in dependence from the screensize.


 w = SysInfo(0) 
 h = SysInfo(1)
 PictureBox1.Width = (w - 23) + "px"
 PictureBox1.Height = (w - 23) + "px"
 Label1.Top = h - 170 + "px"
 Label1.left = w/2 - 140 + "px" 
 sanzeige.Top = h - 150 + "px"
 sanzeige.left = w/2 - 150 + "px"
 Label2.Top = h - 170 + "px"
 Label2.left = w/2 + 52 + "px" 
 blind.Top = h - 150 + "px"
 blind.left = w/2 + 45 + "px"



Current best practice is to use Responsive Design. The styling of the controls can be done so the automatically resize based on the screen. It’s a big part of Bootstrap 4.

Here’s an article in the wiki:

You can also go to the blog and search on Responsive Design:

Thank you both!

I would say to stay away from pixels or other “fixed” measurements as much as possible. Percentages and other scaleable measurements (i.e. em) are designed to be relative to the screen size. If you’re not familiar with these approaches, there will be a bit of a learning curve but it will pay a huge dividend in the end.