Development snafus - I'm probably doing something stupid

I'm working on an app that displays cardiac rhythms, and am running into some interesting interface problems. These may all be due to the fact that I'm debugging by demoing the app "in Desktop Browser" (in this case, Chrome) as I'm developing. I'm wondering if others have insight into what I'm doing wrong.

Issues so far:

* button1.visible=false, or button1.hidden=true, or button1.hide() - no luck with any of those.

* I can create and populate a Listgroup, but I can't figure out how to constrain its size. The bottom part of my app is a series of options and an image, with the Listgroup on top. If the Listgroup is longer than the space I've allotted, the Listgroup simply expands to cover the entire screen area, covering up the options. I've set height and bottom, but those are ignored if the list is longer than the height I've specified. I was expecting scrollbars to appear, but those are also missing, making any list items below the bottom unable to be selected.

* I can't find a reference on what Select Case allows for arguments. For example, if I have Select Case Rate, I can't seem to use "Case 50-100" as an option - I can use "50" or "90", but ranges don't seem to be supported.

* I know there's an easy solution to this, but I can't find it (I used to know this). I've got a box that shows a number (rate) and I'd like to use a tool with up and down arrows to increase or decrease the rate. I've added buttons that do this, but they're clunky, and I think there's an obvious solution in some tool that I've forgotten.

* I wanted to put a progressbar behind a button, and make the button transparent. I can't even figure out how to change the Z order of a given tool - the way I created the tools, the progress bar is always in front of the button, which means I can't make this work. I'm not sure it would work, anyway, but I think there must be an easy solution that I'm simply not smart enough to see.

Thanks for any insight!!


We can help with a number of these - but first, can you tell us which framework you are using?

App Studio on Mac - is that what you mean?

That helps - are you using the BootStrap, jQuery Mobile or jqWidgets controls?

I think bootstrap. I just upgraded to 7._, maybe that will help.

Buttons: Use Button1.hide() and

ListGroup: Add this to the Listgroup’s style property:

max-height: 300px; overflow:scroll;

Select: Ranges are not allowed. It’s a strict comparison.

Number Input: Have you tried setting the inputType of the control to number? Arrows will show automatically. The exact appearance is browser dependant.

Order of controls: The default is the controls further down the list in the Project Explorer are put on top of higher ups. You can change this by putting z-index:100 into the control’s style property.

Hi George~

Perfect - thank you, everything worked. I do see the Styles page within the help site (, but not the associated options. For example, “overflow” is listed, but I would have had to guess that “overflow:scroll” was the method I’d want to use to achieve that effect. Is there a resource somewhere that could help with those fine details?

Thanks again, this is excellent support (fast and flawless)!


These properties are part of CSS, which is practically a complete language on its own. Here’s a fairly user friendly list:

As you’ll see, there are hundreds of them. Google any one, and you’ll probably find a vigorous discussion somewhere on how to use it properly.