Different VoltBuilder apps get same name and overwrite previous build

When - with VoltBuilder - I build different apps after one another, then both apps are stored with exactly the same name android.release.apk. This made the second build overwrite the build of the sooner built different app. I have to prepare for this by remembering it and to change immediately the name of the just downloaded app. Of course I usually do forget this. It would be nice if the downloads could be indexed like ….(2) or provided a warning if one accepts overwriting or just get the chance to save with different names.

We’ve looked at using the name field in config.xml. The problem is been that it accepts characters which are not valid in all file systems. We have an open issue for this: perhaps we can check for that.

I never would use unusual characters. Could it be that there is still the empty/space character in German version which we had discussed months ago?

I wasn’t referring to you in particular. However, in German, umlauts can be a problem.

Thank you. Me, I do not use umlauts with IT.