Disable / Enable Dark Mode

Is there an option to disable/enable Dark Mode from AppStudio?

Thank you!


There are several dark mode settings. And do you want to set them or read them?

Most devices now have light/dark mode. Chrome and other browsers have a light and dark mode settings, and, now with AppStudio 8.4 (I believe), the new BootStrap 4 controls have their own dark mode setting.

Setting the device dark mode would be a plugin. Setting Chrome setting is an extension. BootStrap dark mode is soo new I haven’t had time to look at it, so my app is “darkless” for the time being.

This post Detecting Device Dark Mode setting may have some helpful information. Search this board for dark mode for some other posts that may be helpful.

Gary’s answer is correct for web apps.

For AppStudio itself, it’s a different matter. We rely on wxPython, which wraps wxWidgets for our graphic controls. It hasn’t been updated yet to completely support dark mode.

We are checking for updates regularly.

Thank you Gary for your answer.

I did not explain myself clear enough, my bad. I am referring to Appstudio app itself, if I have my Mac Screen Display with Dark Mode ON, then AppStudio looks like the picture I sent. I can not see Project Explorer at all.

So, in order to work properly with AppStudio, I have to switch my Mac Screen Display to Dark Mode Off. That would be cool if I could switch AppStudio Dark Mode ON and Off.

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I am using AppStudio (macOS 11.4) and it does not handle Dark Mode well.

Please see attached image,


The problem is in the underlying wxWidgets library we use. We’re hoping they fix this soon!

Thank you!