Do App users have to choose a plan?

Hmmm, another weird question from my side:

if a user decides to sign up for an App hosted by your Volt cloud - do they have to choose a plan? And, if yes, where in the process do they choose it?

Until now, I haven’t found where the plan is chosen - but I cannot assume that your service can be free (or thousands of extraordinarily successful AppStudio applications with millions of users would require so much service capacity that you would have to pay for the success of your customers…)

Thus, there must be a mistake on my side - but where?

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek

As things stand today, you may have as many users as you like at no additional cost. However we do reserve the right to ask you to upgrade to a dedicated instance if you are using significant server resources.

Hello James,

that’s good to know. So, it is a developer’s responsibility to take care of the users of his/her app.

Can the developer inhibit that users sign up themselves, but do that programmatically on behalf of new users and let them just confirm their email addresses?

Otherwise, it would be quite difficult for developers to control Volt Cloud usage.

…but that makes it difficult for me to launch a (free) application which uses ServerStorage under the hood.

Not considering people who want to break things (they could look into the code and use the credentials in there to run attacks against Volt Cloud - which is actually quite simply), I would still have to manage the users of this app.

Thus, even hobbyists will have to run their Apps in a somewhat professional way as soon as they have some kind of ServerStorage access in them.

To a point, yes. We are here to help. If something grows out of control unintentionally we’ll be there to help with either rate limiting or a server upgrade.

This is a good idea and something I’ll definitely add to our to-do list. At the moment there’s no way to disable signups.

I appreciate your concerns. All I can say is that you won’t be held responsible for bad users. However, if it would make you more comfortable I am willing to investigate rate limiting your particular app so we can be extra sure you literally cannot surpass a certain level of activity.