Donate form on a free app?pls advice

I have a free android app.i plan to use the MasterCard sample to ,say ,place a button called “donate”,and called the MasterCard code to get donation from the user.say,$ this approach feasible?pls advance.thanks in advance,tst

Typo,should be “pls advice”

You might find something lke PayPal will work for you. It will accept credit card and PayPal payments:


I hate what I am doing is for android mobile native app.the stripe and PayPal sample seems points to the direction of it possible to use PayPal in a native android mobile app,if yes,where should I start.I use basic,and my programming skill is so so.dont know abt IT stuff… best rdgs,tst

Answering my own question.paypal
mobile extension is only for apple mobile.

This is complicated. Essentially you’re doing an in-app payment which raises all kinds of flags on the various app stores and doing your own payment processing can get your app banned from the various stores.

The best solutions I have seen are redirects to actual web pages.

Thanks ,John and ppetree.your advice is greatly appreciated.