Doubt NSBasic AppStudio

I installed version of the nsbasic app Studio.

I opened the HelloWorld.nsx project and when I run it it does nothing, just a message is left converting Form1 code to JavaScript.

Do you have to do any configuration?

First, save any samples into a working directory before you run them.

If you still have a problem, try running in the local browser and look in the Chrome Console. Are there any error messages?

I’m trying to publish to the local folder
The HelloWorld.nsx program is in C: \ NSBasicTeste
but it just gets the message converting Form1 code to JavaScript

As the image below:

Did you try this?

Check manifest.json file exists in the properties folder. I didn’t think I needed that file so I deleted it and then had the same issue.

Problem solved.
I removed the browser proxy settings.
Now it’s publishing right.