Doubt NSBasic AppStudio 8.3 Android 8.1

Can someone help me?
I have the following problem:
when i run my app on android 8.1 offline it doesn’t load the app.
Is there any configuration in Nsbasic app studio or android so that I can access it offline?

Using AS 8.x, creating PWA:

My experience in running offline in Chrome on a Window’s 10 PC is you have to do a Full Deploy (F6) and then it will work offline. If you do a Refresh Deploy (F7) then offline will no longer work until you do another F6.

I just tested this on an Android 8.0 phone and this did not work in offline mode unless I first deleted the Home Screen icon and reinstalled it form the device’s apps. Also, I could not get it to run in offline mode when running directly from the browser. I’m pretty sure it was working ok at one time. I’ll do some more testing on this issue.



I got it to run offline in the Android phone and in the Chrome browser (versus the Home screen icon) by running Chrome while online, running the app and then choosing the “Open” command from the browser settings. Then exiting Chrome, go offline, run chrome and refresh the app and it then ran.

I then restarted the phone staying in offline mode and both the Home Screen icon and browser ran the app ok. I think something about doing in interim Refresh of the app may be causing this issue.