Dragging Sound File to Project Explorer makes copy of sound file

I copied the PlaySound example from Samples to the root of C:

Then I downloaded an mp3 file from the Freesound website and copied that file to the …/includes folder of the PlaySound copied project - that’s where the other sounds for the project are stored.

Next, I dragged the sound file from the includes folder and dropped it on the Project Explorer.

As a result, NSB made a copy of the sound file and placed it in the root of the project. The “src” property also references the copied file at this root location rather than the original file in the …/includes subfolder.

I can modify the “src” property and point it, instead at the includes subfolder but my expectation is that the file would not have been copied and the “src” property would point to the folder from which the sound file had been dragged.

Other sound files in the project are shown with their file location (e.g., “includes/Rattle.wav” but the newly added file continues to show without a relative folder location even after setting the “src” property properly. I would expect that the presentation in the Project Explorer would look similar to the other sound files.

At this point, it’s unclear where NSB is actually retrieving the file from when running - from the root of the project or from the includes folder.

To be honest, I’d like to be able to add a sound file to the project explorer without the drag and drop step. I’d like to see an “Add to Project Explorer” option in the menu - possibly as a right-click context menu in the Project Explorer itself.