Dúvidas appStudio versão 9

I would like to ask the following questions before purchasing version 9 of AppStudio:

  1. Has SQLite been incorporated into AppStudio 9?
    With this, will sqlite work even after Google Chrome disables sqlweb completely?

  2. In version 9, will it be possible to continue running my app via the WEB using my own server?

  3. In version 9, will it be possible to run my app on Android and IOS using Sqlite? Or only on Android?

I’ll do my best to answer according to my understanding.

  1. Yes. Sqllite wasm library is included which will maintain all the functionality but a 10mb limit on storage.

  2. Yes. I do this now

  3. If you mean “webapp” then as per answer 1. If native, my understanding is that functionality has not changed and still can use sqllite. You’ll need someone more experienced than I to confirm the native sqllite usability.

  1. For native apps (compiled by VoltBuilder), you use a plugin to get SQLite support. No changes are needed to your code, and it works very well on both Android and iOS.

George, can you tell us which is the best plugin to use?

This one has worked well for me:

<plugin name="cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free" source="npm" />

Put this line in your config.xml. (in Project Properties…VoltBuilder).