Edit and Run in Visual Studio?

Is it possible to edit and run NSB JavaScript programs from Visual Studio (and/or VS Code)? If so, does someone have a recipe for configuring VS with extensions, etc.?

There’s no reason you can’t open your project’s AppStudio folder in VS Code. You’re fine making changes to the JavaScript modules, but be careful about changing any .json files - you may not be able to open the project again in AppStudio if those are wrong.

AppStudio loads all the files into memory when it starts up, so don’t modify files externally while AppStudio has your project open.

I see. But there is no ability to invoke the “Run” from a command line, so as to make an automated edit/run/debug cycle without pointing/clicking on the NSB IDE UI?

There isn’t - but this is an interesting suggestion. We’ll look into it.

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Sweet. Thank you!

And it would be cool if there was a VS plugin to do the NSB forms inside of VS. I’m not trying to circumvent the NSB value-prop (the cost of the software is well worth it!) but the lack of intelisense is killing me. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: With the ability to do NSB forms in VS and then build your target, you’d have it all!

Thanks again for listening!