Edit Listgroup Listitems

I need to change the text of many Bootstral Listgroup item.
It works with
Listgroup1_1.textContent = "new text"
Listgroup1_2.textContent = “new text”

But I need to go with for i = 0 to 30 through all items.
Therefore I need what is described here:

Change the text of line n:

$.NSB(“Listgroup1_” & n).textContent = “New text”

But that doesn’t work. It says:

Uncaught TypeError: $.NSB is not a function.

What’s wrong?

The wiki had some typos. Fixed.

You’re looking for NSB.$, not $.NSB.

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Thanks for fixing the Wiki!

A reminder for all: The Wiki is living, breathing document. We can all help make it better.