Eliminate screen bounce

I saw a few references to eliminating screen bounce for a picture APP but no definite solutions. I have a picture box that i want to zoom with Gesture, and also move the picture within the picturebox by ontouch events.

The zoom and drag work, but the APP screen moves as part of the webpage. So when i want to drag up, the whole app drags up, not just the picture within the picturebox. There does not seem to be a setting to eliminate screen bounce. This seems like a problem there should be a common solution for? There must be many Apps that use gestures and touches where is is not acceptable for the APP page to move.


Hello I would definitely like to know how to address this issue. The issue is clear to see when running the SWIPE sample project on an Iphone. When swiping up or down, the entire APP page moves during the swipe.

have you test this:

I use this in all my apps.



Hi uhen,

thanks for the reply. I saw your information from back in 2019 on this, but i don’t understand how to include it in the project. I am not so familiar with the details of using the APP studio yet. I am using BASIC for my projects. I would be grateful if you could show the specific code of how to include the iNoBounce into my app, where to put the file so it is included. Do i have to reference the iNoBounce in each form element style for instance? Any guidance is much appreciated.


Hi Larry,

all you have to do is to put this in the project property extraheader:
and under manifest: inobounce.js

the line above is not to see, an Administrator must correct this!

I use Appstudio 3.3 - but I think it is the same in newer versions.


It may be easier to “drop” the file onto the project explorer. That automatically adds the entries needed to include the file and “link” and “script” it.

Thanks Gary and uhen.

“Dropping” the file seemed to work as far as including the script, but the script did not do what i wanted. I am not actually scrolling a form or grid, i am using touch and gesture to more a picture around in a picture box. The problem is that the touch also wants to move and bounce the app page in addition to moving the picture. I found something that fixes my issue:

Include “position:fixed” in the style property of the “Project Properties and Global Code”

When i do this the form does not bounce or move in response to touches. This allows me to move the picture nicely within the picturebox using sliding motion with one finger. Unfortunately i would like to use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. The whole app page (in addition to the picturebox) still responds to this, which makes the gesture not usable. But i work around that with buttons for zoom in/out.

I appreciate the responses!