enableBrowserArrows page scrolling


I have a long form. I only just recently set the enableBrowserArrows property to true. However, when i do this, the form always scrolls to the top if i update a grid on the page (is position lower down the page).
Is there a way to stop this?
When enableBrowserArrows is set to false, the form stays in the same scroll position on the form.


I looked through the AppStudio source code and could not see an obvious reason for this happening. enableBrowserArrows causes the Navigo library to be added - perhaps it’s jumping in here.

You might try doing this before you update the grid:

NSB.enableBrowserArrows = false;

Then, after the update,

NSB.enableBrowserArrows = true;

Thanks for checking.
Your suggestions worked.

After a lot more testing, i am getting this error after pressing some buttons (not all of them).


Also, if i open the app with no internet enabled, i always get this error:


If internet is enabled when opening the app, this message doesn’t show.


Can you reproduce the “router is undefined” message?

What’s in line 5830 of index.html?

I’ll have to reproduce the “router is undefined” message on my development machine tomorrow.

Regarding line 5830 of index.html:

The “ChangeForm” definition uses “router” so maybe that is related to the other issue.


If you’re offline, you can’t expect Stripe to work.

I ended up turning BrowserArrows off and changing the way my controls are used with containers on that form. All good now.