Enhancements to the Bootstrap 4 Select control

AppStudio 7.2 adds a useful property to the Select control: value.

It’s a hidden field which keeps a value. This could be an index or a key to a database which lets you look up a record easily when a Select choice is made.

Using this can greatly simplify your code.


To make this feature work, we had to change the Select control. You may need to change your code!

  1. Change Select.value to Select.text in your code: So the statements would make sense we had to rename .value to .text.
  2. Check any case where you’re using .addItem. If you have just a single argument, you do not need to do anything. If you have multiple arguments on addItem, add a new value argument as the second parameter.

Example of using Select.value

follow this link: https://blog.nsbasic.com/2019/01/enhancements-to-the-bootstrap-4-select-control/

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Can the values be entered in the Properties window instead of programming them in?

Yes. There is a new property called values in the control’s Property Window. Place the values one per line, just like you do in the items property.