Error after iphone upgrade continue

Hi All

Still having trouble with some iphone users with my web apps since the ios upgrade. Some have deleted, restarted and reinstalled which has helped. Others still not going.

Any ideas?

Cheers Graham

Better recap:

  • what trouble are they having?
  • what have you tried

Without a good description of the problem, you’re unlikely to get useful responses.

Apps seem to load but most controls are unusable.

I have installed them myself on a friends iPhone and they work fine. Some people get success by uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling. Others seem to have the problem after doing this.

I assume when you restart any iPhone apps that were in memory stop and are dropped? Or do they need ‘stopping’ first?

It is since the iOS upgrade few weeks back.


if you are using plugins, try this line in contentSecurtyPolicy

default-src * gap:; style-src * ‘unsafe-inline’; script-src * ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’; media-src * blob:; img-src * data:; connect-src *;

No plugins works with new iOS whitout some these commands, i dont know which one… Geore can help us?


I think he said he’s running as a web app, not a PhoneGap app.


Hi lotsofcows,

I’m puzzled by this sentence:

“Apps seem to load but most controls are usable.”

Do you perhaps mean “not usable”?

If so, can you be more clear: do the controls not appear? Do buttons appear but not work?

You indicate that reinstalling helps. Have you tried clearing the Safari cache?

We don’t have any other reports of this. Before any fix can be made, we have to be able to reproduce the problem here.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation


By the way, George take a look at this, the default contextSecurityPolice made by appstudio does not work in phonegap application with plugins

This may be related or not but with Android BS (maybe jQuery mobil as well) web apps running in Chrome on PC I’ve started having a problem with refreshing an app after a deploy with F7. Not all controls get loaded and there is usually an error at start caused by this. I’ve checked my code and there is no attempt to use any control (picture, button or others) before the app is fully loaded. My workaround while testing is to just restart the app and then all is ok, but not always, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 restarts. This has not yet happened when I do a full deploy with F6 so I always do an F6 before letting someone else run the app. I would suggest to try F6ing your app to see if helps.

Thanks, John

Yes I have that problem too but this is different. Doing a full deploy does not always refresh my app. Time seems to be the only cure for that issue…for me. Thank you.

Sorry George. I did edit the post…unusable is correct.

Controls appear but code seemingly stop executing.

The issue is difficult to convey as I’m not having the problem and I’m sure you know how difficult it is to identify issues from other ends of the country. Sorry to be vague but that is all I know.

I forgot about the clear cache option. They have deleted and restarted but I’ll ask them to clear cache in the routine too.

if you can get physical access to one of the devices showing the problem, you can use the safari web inspector on the phone wired to a laptop running safari developer console and see what the app is doing that way.

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