Error after iphone upgrade

I have a user that is getting errors since her iphone upgraded recently. Works fine everywhere else except her and her husband’s iphone. Is there any known issues since the iphone upgrade?

Cheers Graham

What are the error messages?

Do they happen just with your app?

No message. Just app stops execution mid loading. She can run it on her pc
no errors. My friend was here and it works on his iphone. I can’t replicate
the error anywhere so can’t fix it.

Without more data, it’s tough to say what to do.

There aren’t any known issues like this.

Any hints out there for trying to fix an app that errors on clients’ iPhones?
I don’t own an iphone.
It works fine on my friends iPhone.
2 clients having the same issue since iOS update.
I’m at a blank with how to find out what the issue is.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ask them to clear the Safari browser cache.

Settings…Safari…Advanced…WebsiteData… Your App

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

That didn’t help unfortunately.

You’re running as a web app, not a PhoneGap app?

Correct. Was wondering if I should start shifting my apps over to PhoneGap.
I know nothing about PhoneGap. Is there a technote or writeup on the
transition to PG apps?

PhoneGap would only make this harder to figure out. If you don’t need it, I would not bother.

Can you sure the URL? Maybe some of the developers here (including us) can try it.

Hi Graham,
It is probably not your app, but something on the user’s phone.
There are a number of things I would try:
Make sure the app is closed. Here is a link to Apple’s method to do this: Close an app on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support
Then reboot the iPhone and restart.
If that does not help, delete the app, reboot and re-install.
I have had users with similar problems, and this usually does the trick.

Thanks Helen. That seems to have helped them. Much appreciated.

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